Painting on a 3D surface

I found a large wooden seed pod outside our flat and decided to paint a collection on its bumpy surface.   From earlier research,  Lee Edwards painting on oak used the surface detail as part of the painting and so I was looking for a collection which could make use of the wooden surface.   The stacked plates with the reflection on the floor and the collection of screws were two options I could try.  I decided on the plates and used acrylic to paint on the bumpy side of the pod, using the raised parts as plates.  The split from the cool plates to the warm reflection created a natural divide which fitted naturally to the inversion point on the pod.   When dry the acrylic was dark and dull which is perhaps not appropriate for reflecting the shiny plates.  Whilst it was fun to paint on the unusual surface the end result feels more decorative than anything meaningful which maybe because it’s not clear what it was.


Author: Paul Hunter

An artist rediscovering art using life in Hong Kong. Since the birth of my son, I've taken an opportunity to use the time I'm not looking after him on exploring my artistic skills. I'll be using the hunter blog to record my journey.

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